Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Trends to Sew: March 13th, 2015

Thinking about spring?

Wishing you were surrounded by plants and sun instead of snow and ice?

Or maybe you live in Florida and those 2 things aren't a problem, haha.

Spring 2015 fashion offerings include halter dresses and rompers.
Perfect looks for places where there is sun and warmth!

Try your hand at these styles for your dolls today!

The key to creating these styles for your dolls is thin, lightweight, 
flowing, drapey fabric meant for human clothing.

Nothing bulky.
Not huge patterns or designs.
The color, the fabric and the pattern have to be sophisticated and modern.
And the shorts/skirt hems have to fall mid-thigh or slightly higher. 
Not at the knee.
Not right above the knee.
Not below the knee.

Or else you might make something that looks like it is for a 5 year old.

Like these....

No corduroy jumpers, rompers, or halter dresses.

No big patterns.
Think about scale peoples.
No baby colors.
No pastels.
Nothing that looks like a baby diaper.
No hems at or right above the knee.

Just no.
None of this.
Not realistic at all.


Sew wisely friends.
Sew wisely.


Lizzy said...

I agree that some of the AG doll clothes can be a bit babyish. But we've got to remember that AG doll clothes are not designed for adult fashionistas! They are geared toward GIRLS. Ordinary, young girls, who love their dolls from the bottom of their hearts. Some of these girls are five years old. Wouldn't it make sense, then, to design some of the clothes to LOOK like something a five-year-old might wear? It makes sense to me. So I'm not bothered at all by the "childish" pastel colored clothing that AG might make. There's lots of other fun, fashionable clothes of there for dolls to wear.

Anonymous said...

I love that you added the grace pic at the end. I agree- yuck! It seems like AG clothing is becoming more and more childish.

Traci said...

QTpie will be releasing a romper pattern in the next couple of weeks that is very stylish and has a romper for sale in her shop right now. Not babyish at all:

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