Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Honest Editorial: March 18th, 2015

Welcome back to our Honest Editorials!

Today Marvelous Me, Maple will analyze 
some of the most recent offerings from American Girl.

Though by the time you read this, AG may have already released 
some fresh h*ll from their warehouses for us to gawk at.

And reminder - this is Maple - don't expect class.

There are only 2 things we would def buy from this recent release.
And they are the only 2 things we will buy.

(Whenever the money gods bestow upon us something called money.)

The "Shimmer & Lace Party Dress for Dolls" 
seems like a steal at $30 in comparison to most of the release's price-tags.

Though just typing "Shimmer & Lace Party Dress for Dolls" 
gave me diabetes.

The light peach or apricot color is awesome.

It isn't pink!!
Holy cats it isn't pink!!

We love almost everything about this dress.

Except for that...

The giant hip flower.

Makes it too cutesy and kiddy.
We bought a seam-ripper just for these moments.

And the same goes for the shoes.

Perfectly fine except for those flowers.

Makes them look like they are for little, little kids.
We are def going to try and remove them.

Next up is 100% win.

The colors might be a little too modern for Addy's time period.
This is something many people have observed.

But it looks great on Addy, and heck, she has a new outfit!!!

And it includes shoes!!! And socks!!!

Holy cow!

Unfortunately this is $48.

So you are going to have to pay out the nose for those boots.
Which don't even have grommets anymore for those laces....

And it is one of those "Special Edition" BeForever Sets.
Here until Dec. 2015 or while supplies last.

Like those gawd-awful sets released last year.

Rebecca's desperate Madame butterfly.
And Kit's pink chocolate Easter bunny nightmare.
And whatever that was for Kaya.

We hate Limited Edition things unless they are for an anniversary.
An actual temporary celebration.

It is just a high-priced marketing ploy to get you to buy asap.
Buy! Buy! Buy!

Well, I am only going to buy something if I want it.
Not because it is limited edition.

If I want it and it is limited edition, I might buy it sooner rather than later.
But AG doesn't really need to do limited edition things 
more than they already do for the GOTY.

And making a historical set as limited edition bugs me.

Just give people a chance to buy it when they have the money.
The historicals need all the help they can get man.
They don't need to compete on a deadline with the GOTY.

So we specifically boycotted the Limited Edition historical sets last year.

And we considered boycotting these as well.

But heck, Addy has an outfit.
That is worth supporting.

And we noticed they are now calling them "Special Edition" 
instead of Limited Edition.
But you can't fool me.
Still get it while it is hot type of mentality.

Gawd-forbid you poor people have a budget or something.
Budgets are for losers and non-doll collectors.
Get with the program.
And just apply for another credit card.

This year we will cave and get this set.

It's our two favorite colors: Blue and Purple!!!

It is gorgeous and worth every dollar.
Even though $48 does make us cry blood a little bit.

And the runner-up for possible purchase is the...

Sparkly Jazz Outfit.

Yeah, a weird choice, I know.
But it is useful for any Isabelle owners.

Almost like a set they designed for Isabelle but couldn't 
produce in enough time for her release.

The giant hair bow is annoying.
And the placement of it is painful.

But the bold red color is great.

Apparently they had extra Isabelle sparkly gold "fabric."

But really, this should have black or red shoes.

They are kinda cute shoes.
But we don't think they really match the outfit.

We want this just to play around with it as modern clothing.

But unfortunately it is not two separate pieces.

We'll have to work around that somehow....

It just looks like a fun and fashionable set.

So it is on our "possibilities" list.

The rest of the clothing in this recent release can be placed here...

To be burnt...

In a glorious fireball.

Except for the chicken in Kit's set...

The one thing meant to be cooked...

He will be saved...

And gloriously enthroned.

However, he's just the angriest looking chicken.

They couldn't make one that doesn't look like it wants to kill you? 

Like this one...


Plus, who has a "chicken-keeping" set without anything 
to actually "keep" the chicken?

We just walk around with it under our arm 24 hours a day?

I am sure that is how the Amish do it...but still...

What about a cage?

Or even eggs?

Or cute little chicks?

Or a cloth to wipe off the chicken sh*t that 
will be running down Kit's overalls when she carries 
around her chicken all day under her arm?


At least the "Special Edition" sets are not $64 or more like last year.

So I guess for $48 we only get a stuffed chicken 
that you could find online for $5-7...
and no accessories.
At least the shoes are included....

Stay tuned for more 
Honest Editorials!

(You know you love them.)


Ellie said...

GAAH I LOVE THIS. I agree totally about the chicken - it looks evil.
(The edit of a chicken on a throne is just ze best, though. I laughed so freakin' hard at it.)
I didn't notice it before, but, now that you point it out, the jazz outfit DOES look like Isabelle! Just make it pink or gold or purple or whatever her signature color was supposed to be and BAM. Izzy all the way.

- Ellie

Adaline said...

I agree with everything you said. Cheers for Addy having another outfit, no matter if it's not around forever.
And the comment about the chicken crap cracked me up. Thanks for the laugh. xD

Lizzy said...

I love your blog, but, please! Don't use bad words or God's name in that way! It just makes your post seem trashy. Don't get me wrong, I love your blog! But I was just so disappointed by your... umm... choice of words in several of the paragraphs. :(

Meadowsweet Cottage said...

So fun! Definitely they need some cute little yellow chicks. And someone to advise them on hair bow placement. I do kinda like the flowers on the sandals though.

Farrah Lily said...

Great post...I couldn't agree more on pretty much everything you said! :) I love the blunt honesty, lol.

dannyscotland said...

This was fantastic.

Something With An R said...

And whatever that was for Kaya.


Nora and Maple said...

We have no problem with modern native attire.

But Kaya is not from 2015. She is from 1764. None of the other historical characters got limited edition outfits from 2015.

And it was hot pink. We don't like hot pink.

david.moen said...

Guys watch your language! I'm only 9 you know! Please post the Winter FDC winners soon!

Kathleen said...

R and Maple, I fet what you are both saying.
I just say that AG should make a Native American GOTY. Than I shalt be happy and they can stop with the whole "Kaya you get modern clothes" End of story.

Anonymous said...

Makes it worse that the doll the jazz outfit was on was a Maple lookalike...that bow makes me feel sick.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I cannot stand when people get all huffy and holier-than-thou about swearing. The author of this page has a right to use whatever words she chooses, and those of us here who are adults should be able to handle that. (Children who are "too young to be around adult language" shouldn't be going online unsupervised anyway.)

If hearing profanity offends one's delicate sensibilities there are plenty of other blogs out there. That's what an adult would do instead of policing another adult's speech, by the way.

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