Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday Trends to Sew: March 8th 2015

Looking for complete ensemble inspiration?

Sometimes you have to hunt for them on Hollister, but they are there...
Buried in each listing...Derp.

Main Hollister color schemes -- 
cream, white, royal blue, navy, black, grey.

Lace is a recurring theme in fashion lately.

Have we mentioned lace?

And also, lace....

Best way to acquire great lace is to hunt down small-scale lace 
in human clothing and then slice and dice it up for doll clothing.

Never underestimate the power of a boyfriend sweatshirt.
These are totes en vogue.

Again, bold florals are in for Spring 2015.

As well as drop-shoulder drapey sweatshirts.

Skater skirts and dresses are still in style and in demand.

So you should be making some of those. ;-)

Are you making hoodies?

Why not???

Everyone loves hoodies!

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