Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Trends to Sew: March 20th, 2015

So one of our fav sites to explore for fashion ideas is Forever21.

If you are looking for trends, this is the place to go.

If you click on "Shop by Style" on their site it brings you to "curated shops."

Which basically just means themed shops.

So there is this "curated shop"....

Which basically translates to 
"Extremely White Extremely Skinny Girl Wears White."

But she wears other light colors, in addition to white and cream 
and off-white and eggshell white and...

Well, you get it...

We love these romantic styles.

Even the soft, warm pinks....gasp!

Lace appears and reappears and reappears.

So if you aren't using lace in any of your designs... 
I am not sure what you are waiting for...

Now there is no need to show doll belly or butt... 
You don't have to make crop tops or short short shorts.

Butt (heehee) really, how you design your clothing is up to you!

Just don't think that you need to make these clothing items 
EXACTLY like you see them here.

Hemlines and cuts are up to you friends.


Elly Boldizar said...

Cute outfits! :) I was wondering when you are going to post the winter FDC winners? :)


Golden Freddy said...

Forever 21 has a lot of things that would translate well into doll size- how cute would this be?

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