Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Trends to Sew: March 6th, 2015

Despite the Valentine's Day-ish release of some new MyAG outfits...
AG is still letting The DW Team down as far as modern clothing. 

We simply have different tastes than what they are marketing. :'-(

We don't usually feature celebrity fashion in our Trends to Sew....
but a few famous people have made it into this one.

But honestly, don't ask for their names 
because we probably have already forgotten them!!

Knit beanies.
Nordic sweaters.
Colored skinnies.
Big leather bag.
All lovely coordinating colors.

The oversize, blanket scarf is in.

I have not seen anyone tackle this for the dolls yet,
but it is literally in every store.

This is another trend -- the double button-down shirt.

Layering, with a waist-height twisty tie-up.

You'd think it would look totally weird, but it works.

Fancy legwear with your dresses.

It may be freezing where you live still.
But in some places it's actually warm!

Try out fun leggings, tights, socks.
Think outside the box.

Eared hats.
Double pompom hats.

Bold tribal sweaters and skirts.
Chambray button-downs.

Thick, fun wool socks.

Layering. Have you caught on to the layering?

Layers of thin clothing will make your doll outfit 
look more realistic, without being bulky.
Oversize is okay.

You just don't want to make your doll look like a linebacker.
Think about how to achieve the chic layering look in your outfits.

You can even fake it, fake collars, cuffs, hems.
But that is almost more work than just choosing thinner fabrics to begin with. ;-)

Have I mentioned oversize blanket scarves?
Thought I'd mention them again...

And love the fun lopsided knit hat, and the flared coat.

And I think I mention moto jackets every other Trends to Sew.

The trend isn't going away.

And you don't even have to make them out of thick, difficult-to-sew fabrics.
Just use the pattern in fun ways with any fabric man!

Think sweatshirts, sweaters, knits, laces crafted into motos.
The sky is the limit here peoples!

Simplify the detailing down to the bare structure and have fun!

1 comment:

Melody Silverleaf said...

I have that eared hat in grey - LOVE it!

All these looks are really great.

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