Saturday, November 14, 2015

Camera to Smartphone in an Instant: Our Precious Eye-Fi Wifi Camera Chip and Some Deep Thoughts on Doll Photography

So why have we been devoting so much energy to Instagram instead of this blog?

This is a topic I brought up myself in yesterday's post with the Zoya pics.

When we first started The Doll Wardrobe, back at the dawn of time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth (jk) -- we just slapped our dolls into outfits and slapped them in front of something interesting and snapped a pic.

There wasn't really a lot of other people doing what we were doing and putting it in fully public blogs like this one. That was the kind of activity for private doll message boards.

But I thought that I really didn't need my pics to be private, or just for message board peeps.

So I made the blog.

And it was very casual.

I didn't really care that much about the quality of my pics. I just wanted to take them and share them.

Very simple instincts going on there.

As more and more people started taking pics of AG dolls, better and better pics got onto the web. And some of these photographers were/are like professionals. Like awesome, awesome professionals.

And suddenly we felt our pictures were crap in comparison.

Don't get me wrong, I was totally impressed and happy that the AG doll community had grown so much that we had these wonderful photographs out there, and the creativity was astounding and inspiring (still is).

But because of my complete and total lack of self-esteem, I felt like my pictures were no longer worth taking. And this is something I have struggled with for years. And continue to struggle with.

There were many photo shoots that I would take, upload off my camera onto the computer, and then never post.

It became a generator of anxiety --- which I have major, major issues with my special friend, Mr. Anxiety.

I was too scared to post the pics.

And then I became too scared to take them, feeling like there was little point anyways in doing that.

So I tried Instagram in order to just have a way to take pics and quickly post them before my negative brain took over and freaked out, and looked at the pics with my super critical eye and then said to myself -- Don't post those! They are crap!

So Instagram.

I've been on there for several years.

But it wasn't until I got my Eye-Fi Wifi camera chip that things really began to click for me.
(Obligatory photography pun.)

This can be bought for about $75 -- but there are different sizes and prices.

It goes into your camera and acts as a SD card.

But it has its own wifi.

So you can set it up to automatically send your camera pics to your smartphone for editing and uploading on there -- onto things like Instagram, or even email, Blogger, WordPress, Facebook, Tumblr, whatever apps you use!

I can use it all so easily and quickly that my critical brain doesn't have the time to takeover.

I don't have to upload off the camera onto a laptop. So I can even do this when I am outside in a park or on vacation, etc.

It feels very casual, and easy. You don't have to think too much.

Eventually, my confidence came back a little bit as I started to enjoy the fluid process of clicking and sharing, like the good ol' days of this blog!

So no, my pictures aren't perfect. 
They aren't super-creative. 
And they aren't professional. 
Because I'm not a professional.


I enjoy taking them. And that's all that matters.

And I enjoy sharing them. So I should.

There is the end of my soliloquy on Instagram and wifi camera chips, haha.

If you want to ask us any questions about the chip, or Instagram, or whatevs -- please feel free to comment below!!!

And, of course, you can check out our Instagram account here:

For all of the good, the bad, the ugly, the weird, etc. ;-)

And we also have our Instagram feed over on the right side menu of the blog when it is in desktop format (not mobile). So you can see our last 4 Instagram posts every time you visit this blog. And if you click on those it will bring you to our Instagram like magic. Ooooooo! :-)

Thanks for visiting us today!!!

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Polka Dot Bee said...

I'm really glad you started posting again, one of the first doll blogs I found was yours and even if you think that you aren't as amazing as other AG fans you are (and still) one of the first bloggers that are still on here. That is no easy feat, after starting my Instagram account I personally prefer it to blogging so much easier/faster and I can communicate with a bigger number.

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