Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Topic Suggestions for Honest Editorials?

Yes, we usually come up with the Honest Editorials on our own.

They kind of just pop into our heads sometimes.

Or they are inspired by other people's posts and discussions online.

But sometimes they are just us whining, haha.

There is no real system to them!

So feel free to comment below with any Honest Editorial 
topic suggestions you would like to put out there.

Anything you want us to react to? Want our opinion on something?

Something that has been on your mind lately that 
you want to bring out into a wider discussion?

Comment it below!

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!!!!

Thanks for visiting us today!!!

1 comment:

Thalia said...

Can you do an honest editorial about what you think about the new outfits AG has put out in the past couple months? I love your opinions on them cuz they are so true haha :)

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