Monday, November 16, 2015

Fall/Winter 2015 Trends to Sew: Flat Neckline Halter Tops

Okay, so yes you just read that right -- halter tops for fall/winter 2015 fashion.

I didn't mistype it.

Halter tops are great for layering, especially on the dolls.

If you put a cardigan or a long-sleeve plaid top, as examples, over a long-sleeve shirt on a doll -- it can get bulky and bunchy really fast.

Even with a short-sleeve top. 
Her armpits are full of fabric and her arms start going outward like she's a muscle man.

And you wanted to add a jacket, coat or vest?!?!?

Before you know it your doll looks like the Stay-Puffed Marshmallow Doll.

So start your layering with a sleeveless halter top!

Plus, your doll is vinyl -- she really won't get that cold. ;-)

Liberty Jane sells a pattern for the bunched/gathered halter top, called the Malibu Halter Top.

But that is not what we are recommending for you to create.

What is trendy right now is a crop top style halter with a fairly high tie neck that is flat and simple.

BUT don't make the neck too high. 

You don't need to choke the doll. Make it look comfortable and natural.

Note: The neckline tapers inward.

There is also the Pixie Faire Peppermintsticks halter top pattern.

This is not enough neckline tapering though.

And the bottom hem should be right above the hips or higher.

This bottom hem of this halter ^^^^ is too low.

Go for something more like this....

It shouldn't layer over the waistband of skirts or shorts. 
It should meet them or leave a bit of belly out there.

So clearly this is not a top for people who want super-modest dolls.
But again, I am talking about using this as a layering device, so your cardigan or vest can provide coverage for those who want to hide the skin.

But really, we personally don't care about doll gut hanging out.

They have way flatter abs than we do!!!

Another pic from @planettdolls's Instagram to show you 
how simple and small the neckline should be.

No big banding.

No small banding.

Basically, almost no banding at all up there around the neck.

Just the simple hem and two ties coming off the corners.

If you just created banding the width of your pinky finger, and you ran the ties through the front of the neckline, start over.

You did it wrong.

You may think we are being really nitpicky -- but that is how fashion works, there are these really, really subtle details that make an item fit a trend or make it clunky and out of fashion.

And basically any amount of banding on doll clothes is automatically large-scale on them, because -- yes, you guessed it -- they are dolls with a much, much smaller scale than our normal human sewing machine is sewing at.

So what colors do you make?

How do you market this thing?

What do they go with?

Here are some more @ootdfash Instagram images for your inspiration.

Solid black, or black with graphics are great.

Also light and dark greys.

Pairing with plaid shirts is very popular.

As well as putting them with denim shorts or jeans.

Knit beanies, and booties finish the outfit.

You can also go the floral, girly look -- but remember it is fall/winter so go with darker-toned florals.

See how well it goes with the destroyed, rolled-cuff jeans and oatmeal cardigan?

Both of those things are also SUPER SUPER trendy right now.

So start making those if you haven't yet.

Solid white or cream tanks, with or without graphics, are trendy.

Again, you see them with plaid -- here a plaid hoodie, with sweatshirt fabric for the hood.

Also a very trendy item.

And over-the-knee black and dark charcoal socks are very in right now -- try making those, because honestly, we haven't seen anybody making them!

One more for good measure ^^^.

White shorts and jeans are also in style, even though it's past labor day.

Combining them with the darker tops, dark plaids, dark beanies will bring them into fall and winter.

Have I mentioned dark colors?

Did I say 'dark' yet?

Cough....dark....cough, cough. Dark.

More pics from @planettdolls Instagram for more inspiration. ;-)

Thank you @planettdolls for letting us use your pics!!!!!

Still stumped about colors, fabrics, graphics, florals? Etc?

Here are some more @ootdfash pics!

Back side in case you want to know what that looks like. ;-)

Let us know if you have any questions in the comments!

Thank you for visiting us today!!!

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Melody Silverleaf said...

Love this post! Great outfits for humans and dolls aline. Thank you for the inspiration.

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