Thursday, November 19, 2015

Maple Insists: Why Truly Me Shoes Are (Mostly) Truly Useless, Part Two

We return to my discussion of horrid Truly Me shoes.

I mean...Truly Me shoes.

Let's start with sneakers, or sneaker-like shoes.

These ^^^ I am actually okay with.

The sparkle isn't so shiny. It basically becomes a pair of textured grey Vans.

I don't love, love, love them.

But I would buy them.

And they'd probably be useful.

And they sort of remind me of these Marc Jacobs shoes ^^^^. 

So I will accept their existence.

But these cleats-sneakers....

And these purple atrocities....


Oh, yeah can't forget these...

Those things...are not going to go with outfits like these...

Why don't we have just plain black, or plain white, or plain grey sneakers?
Black with white accents.
Solid white?

Why are these things sold elsewhere but not at American Girl?

Chinese offerings....

And there are dozens more black, white, and gray shoes like this from generic brands online.

Thank you, China. 

For being rational.

These might go with some modern outfits...

As long as that lavender is in the outfit.

But in person, that lavender color looks more pink.


Like, really American Girl -- your outfits are flashy enough as is -- they don't need flashy, colorful shoes too. Please, save my retinas.

Speaking of saving my retinas, these...


Are these supposed to be the AG version of The Back to Future self-lacing Nike shoes???

Um, no. We don't really need them for the dolls.

They are atrociously ugly.

I only want these silver things because they look so bad.

I'm not against wild shoes.

I love wild shoes.

But in the end, when you are trying to style doll outfits -- simple is better.

Simple is the most useful.

Wild goes with one or two outfits.

Simple goes the distance.

Just like Hercules.

And pink. 

NO more pink in shoes American Girl.

Lay off the pink.

Y'alls need to go to a pink rehab clinic.

Stare at people's feet the next time you are out in a crowd of people.

Count how many have pink on their sneakers, and comment here on this post.


Stay tuned for Part Three of me complaining about shoes!!!

Hugs and Kisses,


1 comment:

Aurora said...

My running sneakers are electric salmon colored. When buying professional running sneakers or trainers, obnoxiously bright prints are actually incredibly common. None of this in any way disregards your point, since most of AG's outfits are not running, or even work-out, gear.

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