Thursday, November 12, 2015

Fall/Winter 2015 Trends to Sew: Scarves

Here we are again with more of our "Trends to Sew" posts!

We have done a lot of these over the years, but for this season we will be labeling these posts "Fall/Winter 2015" -- so that you guys know what happened when if you are looking back over these things in the future.

Today's trend is scarves, and this season the bigger the scarf, the better.

They call them blanket scarves - 
and it's been popular since last year really, but the trend keeps growing and you can see them in hooman shops all over the place.

As far as our little beady eyes have seen -- no one has yet tried to make these things for the dolls.

Maybe they have and we haven't seen them -- but I would love to see them being created successfully for the AGs, in a scale that doesn't drown the doll in scarfy fabric (which is difficult to accomplish).

They typically come in large plaids with muted colors.

You can also find scarves in chunky knits this season -- nordic and wintery designs are a must for December attire. But remember, don't make these things overly chunky for the dolls. It still has to be the right scale or it won't look realistic.

You will also see fringe additions, or fluffy balls/pom poms attached, on this season's scarf offerings.

Our Generation once offered a set called "Color Me Plaid" (see below) with a pom-pom scarf in it, but I have rarely seen these types of things sold elsewhere for the AGs. 

Not sure why. They are adorable. And this one is particularly versatile in its coloring.

Tube and infinity scarves are still in fashion, so don't forget about those.

Colors to create: a variety of light and dark greys, maroons, burgundys, navys, deep greens, blacks, creams, and whites will serve a lot of different outfits and styles. 

Scarves are meant to go with most of your wardrobe -- not just one outfit, so please design with that in mind.

And remember, even though these things can be quite chunky on the humans -- scale it down A LOT for the dolls. 

If you are knitting them yourself, use sock yarn. 

And don't make the scarves so large and chunky that they look like they are choking the doll to death/suffocating them.

How To Sell Them?

You may be thinking --- "Will I sell these things as parts of an outfit or as separates?"

We would recommend selling them as a separate item, that way people can easily add them on to orders of other items from your shop.

If you put a scarf with a whole outfit, people might not buy it because they don't want the other pieces of that outfit.

We think you will sell more scarves if you just sell them as independent items.

Especially because they will be more affordable for your customer that way.

They key is to offer a lot of other outfit separates in your shop at the same time as you are offering the scarves, or hats, and other small accessories. 

That way people have an opportunity to buy several different types of clothing items along with the scarves --- this way they are getting the most out of the shipping cost.

And, of course, it helps if you design your offerings as collections that can be easily mixed and matched, i.e. make sure your scarf offerings go with a lot of your clothing separates, and photograph them together to advertise that fact.

Need Design Help?

Here is an infinity scarf tutorial from Liberty Jane/Pixie Faire:

And below are successful doll scarf creations, courtesy of Etsy -- so that you can get an idea of the scale we are talking about for you to use:

Currently for sale Etsy QT Pie Doll Clothing Items

Sold Etsy Clarisse's Closet items

Sold Items from Etsy's Noodle Clothing

Alright, I think I have talked enough about scarves for one day, haha!

Let us know if you have any questions or thoughts by commenting below.

Thank you for visiting us today!


thedarkeststar13 said...

yay, it's awesome to see a new trends to sew! I always really liked when you posted these, they've helped me come up with an idea when I felt stuck for what to put in my shop next more than once. =)

Ellie said...

Love these! I might have to check out some of those scarfs!

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