Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Maple Insists: Why Truly Me Shoes Are (Mostly) Truly Useless, Part One

The one thing most American Girl fans will agree on is that their shoes are awesome.

Like really, really awesome.

Most of the company's shoe offerings cannot be matched by anybody else as far as quality and abundance of options.

But my main complaint about those shoes is that often, not always, but often -- the Truly Me shoes are not super useful.

In other words, they don't "go" with a lot of outfits.

Especially outfits that are modern, trendy, chic.

A lot of the Truly Me shoes just don't look super realistic.

Like the Meet Outfit shoes....

We got a pair of these on a #28 we bought recently.

We were like: "Oooo! Blue flats! Oooo!"

We have tried to put these with a ton of outfits.

They don't work with anything.

They don't even work with the Meet Dress they came with.

The color is just too weird.

And then...those striped shoes went on sale.

We ordered them faster than you could say "Hohenzollern."

They come with this outfit...

Which we are never going to buy.

Not even if someone paid me to buy it.

But the shoes ---- oh the shoes!!!

*Grabby hands*

(Why only 4.9 stars??? What about that .1???)

Anyways....ordered the shoes.

The shoes arrive.

And like those blue flats, we try to put them with outfits.

Nope. Nope. Nope.

They just don't go.

So we finally land upon an almost-all-grey outfit for Pixie that the shoes go with.

But this took forever to figure out.

 (Sorry the pics are blurry. Not sure why.)

So grey on grey. With a pop of mint green. And a pop of berry purple.

But these shoes, while super-cute, just don't go with a lot of outfits.

And this is the Truly Me shoe sitch.

These are the types of outfits I want my dolls to be wearing.

(Urban Outfitters, fyi.)

Keep them in mind as I show you these Truly Me shoes....

And complain about them.

So sparkly ^^^^
You'd need an equally flashy outfit.

Something like this....

(A Joey Fatone doll should come as an optional accessory.)

And they can't just be silver sparkly shoes -- no, they have to have a touch of coral at the heel so they really, REALLY don't go with anything.


These ^^^.

I have complained about these on Instagram before because they come with a camping outfit.

A summer CAMPING outfit.

Are you kidding me?!?!

Are you kidding me?!?!

They look like they should be paired with this....

And I'm sorry, but I just don't have the right size boobs for that dress.

 Okay these ^^^.

I could see them with something like this....

IF they didn't have those massive flowers that make them look like you can only wear them if you are a 2-yr-old flower girl at a wedding.

These girls need shoes. Give these to them.

I'll take the version of those peach sandals that don't have floral accents, thank you very mucho.

Flip flops.

We all need flip flops.
Even the Pope needs flip flops.

But really? This purple barely goes with any other colors.

How are we supposed to have more than one bathing suit that goes with these?

And other summer outfits?
It's a struggle. A real struggle.

While I like the addition of "bracelets" built in to these -- the bold colors of the beadwork add another layer of -- how do I make these go with anything??? problems.

Sure, slap your doll in some jean shorts.
But with these, the outfit will look instantly toy-like and cheesy.

Although, I always wanted a pair of shoes to match my flip flop keychain....

And next....

OMG ^^^^

What the ______ am I supposed to do with these plastic nightmares???

Let me buy this outfit go with them...

No, I mean really...

If the lime green color wasn't enough -- the chunk of shiny (REALLY OBVIOUS) plastic as the wedge really puts the nail in this cobbler's coffin.

They look so fake and unrealistic.

Just. No.

Stay tuned for Part Two of me complaining!!!

 p.s. If you don't like to read rants, you should probably stay away from any "Maple Insists" posts in the footure. Jfyi.

Hugs and Kisses,



Ellie said...

MAPLE THIS POST IS BRILLIANT. Maple Insists features will forever be my favorite part of Doll Wardrobe.

Melody Silverleaf said...

Yes, I can see the issue you are having with the shoes. They are bright and sparkly and not very trendy in a chic way.

I have one suggestion for you...The Queen's Treasures. They offer shoes that are trendy. they have some sparkly ones too. The colors and materials are great. They have great soles for stability.

Check out the ones Lanie tried on the other day.

Love this post!

Farrah Lily said...

This post definitely made me smile. I love the rants! :)

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