Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Starting Tomorrow: Question of the Day!

Thanks for visiting us today!

So today we announce a new blog series, but first we'll do a brief round-up of some posts we have done recently.

Maple recently finished a series on how 
Truly Me shoes currently for sale are (mostly) useless.

There were four parts:

We did a Honest Editorial on Fightings Feelings of Obsoletion:

And we begged for money from you with our Paypal Donate Button in the right side menu,
feel free to donate!

Poke poke. 

$5 would be an awesome holiday gift to us this year!!!

Subtle, huh?

And we did a call-out for Honest Editorial topic suggestions, 
in case you want to suggest something to us:

So starting tomorrow is a new series called "Question of the Day."

We asked a bunch of Etsy sellers a bunch of questions.

Each day that we post a part of this series we'll post a bunch of their answers.

The first day will introduce you to their shops, and then after that the questions and answers will appear in random order -- to spice up the posts, :-).

This is a great opportunity to learn about Etsy shops and their owners as you prepare to shop during the holidays!

So if you want to find out which Etsy sellers answered our questions, come back tomorrow!


Ooooooo!!!! The suspense!!!


Ellie said...

Sounds like an awesome new series! Can't wait.

Melody Silverleaf said...

The models look great. Their outfits are so stylish. I can see why many of the AG shoes would not work.

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