Friday, November 13, 2015

Custom Doll of the Day: Zoya

Yo, whassup?

We are starting a new thing. 

Yes, on our road to the mental recovery of this blog there are many new things going down. ;-)

Of course, it is really an old thing masquerading as a new thing, haha.

It is our habit of taking doll photos.

Yes, we still take doll photos. In fact, we have been taking more and more recently in order to get back in touch with the hobbies that have sparked our imagination in the past.

But we have been putting them up on Instagram instead of the blog.

That may seem like blasphemy, but Instagram allows us to "instantly" -- haha, get it? -- get those pictures up and out into the world.

We will explain the technology we use in the next post, but basically Instagram allows us to deal with our photography anxiety. More to come on that. ;-)

For today, we present our new tradition -- "Custom Doll of the Day" -- where we give you little thumbnails of pictures we have taken of custom dolls we have been creating.

Today's Custom Doll of the Day is Zoya.

She is a bald Ivy that will have her wigged swapped around.

In the pictures we have taken of her so far, she has been wearing a Caroline wig.

She has been very popular in this wig, so we haven't switched her to a different one, yet. ;-)

The Instagram tag for her is #tdwb_zoya, and you can check out all of the pics we have taken of her so far if you click on this link....

And here are the thumbnails....

FYI -- Marilyn will be having three releases in November for this shop.
November 14th, 21st and 28th. She is taking custom orders, but space is very limited.

I will be posting about these two other customs ^^^ soon. :-)

Or you can check out the Instagram hashtags for them if you are impatient, haha.
The blue-eyed girl is #tdwb_rhis, and the brown-eyed girl on the right is #tdwb_julia.

Zoya's top and skirt are from
Laura pretty much constantly does little releases throughout the month for this shop.
This is a great shop for separates!

(We made Zoya's necklace ourselves.)

This ^^^ is the moment we put Caroline's wig on her head, haha.

Zoya traveled with us to the Columbus, Ohio AGP on October 18th, 2015.

These are pictures of her hanging out in the displays.

Megan won't be making anymore cat ear headbands -- so what is currently in the shop is all she will have available. When they are gone, they are gone!

I can't remember where we got Zoya's hat from. Derp.

And her skirt is actually a dress from

Late night lipstick application for her big day at the AGP ^^^

I honestly can't remember where her scarf is from, it may have been a gift, haha. Derp again.

Feel free to follow us on Instagram if you are interested!

Lots of weird stuff happens there!

We have over 1,000 posts! 

(Clearly we have too much time on our hands, haha.)

Thank you for visiting us today!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us in the comment section below!


Kirsten and Sylvia said...

Zoya is gorgeous! We love her outfit when she went to the AG Columbus store.

Ellie said...

Love this! She's so gorgeous <3

Melody Silverleaf said...

Zoya is gorgeous! She looks fabulous in the photos and different outfits. Your photos are stunning too - great composition and use of light.

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