Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Halloween the American Girl Way:
Maple's Thoughts Part One


Today we wanted to start a "Maple's Thoughts" series about some of the Halloween costume offerings from American Girl.

Current Halloween costumes being sold by AG include:

The Witch Costume

Which is basically 2008's Friendly Witch Costume, re-done.

Kudos to making the witch hat actually black for the 2013 version.
But the broom and boots are the same, and it repeats the one-piece costume issue.

When you make one-piece costumes, AG, that just means we can't use the costume to mix and match. So poo on you, pooheads at AG.

Yeah, that black top and purple skirt might look cool with other things, other costumes, party outfits, etc. -- but it's not two pieces -- that's a dress.
At least the socks weren't sewn onto the dress, too.

 So yeah, here is the current one-piece costume.

Can't separate that vest from the dress.
It's got magenta/pink all over da' place.
Cheapo-looking fabrics that scream "COSTUME!"
And no socks this time around.
Must be for Halloween in warm state.

Basically the only other thing this costume could work for is a 
Las Vegas Medieval Times peasant girl.
So yeah, we ain't buying it AG.
Your bad.

Da' boots.

Basically leather/vinyl sewn into 'witchy boot' shapes.
Not as impressive as they could/should be since AG usually does
pretty darn well in the shoe department.

For good boot examples I turn to Iplehouse, 
the BJD doll site we always drool over like rapid dogs.

Why can't AG make something like these?

Or these, but without the obscene heels.

Any of those would be awesome and totally useable with other outfits and costumes.

And what ever happened to the creativity of your 
Spider Witch Costume ?

Did you lose it back in 2004 somewhere in the couch cushions
along with your 20GB Ipod, and never find it again?

Look at that beautiful, beautiful costume!
That took thought, imagination, and actual design skill!

I don't even care if it's one-piece, two-pieces or 600 pieces.
What ever happened to this level of fun American Girl???

It's Halloween -- it's supposed to be over-the-top.
Stop playing it safe with lame-o witch costumes.

If you are going to go the girly witch route...
At least spice up the fabrics, layering, colors.

Put some effort in!

We have looked at Wishcraft's costumes before and 
they continue to offer exciting examples for inspiration.


Fairies, Gargoyles, Cats, Bats, Spiders... Oh My!

Dark Queens, Princesses, and Countesseseses...

Ghosts, Skeletons, Werewolves, Ravens and Mummies!

There you go.

24 costume ideas that show 5000% more 
creativity than American Girl's Witch Costume.

What do I, Magnificent Maple, think 
of the AG Spooky Fun Outfit?

To Find Out...
Stay Tuned for Part Two Tomorrow!


Ashley A said...

I agree--this year's witch lacks umph. The creativity isn't there. I kinda wish they had Halloween separates--like a few tops and bottoms and accessories that could be interchanged for various monsters, ala Monster High-ish. Some MH outfits, though commercial looking, keep a modern twist on a classic monster with humor (the vampire girl's beach set comes with sunblock SPF 5000)

Anonymous said...

"For good boot examples I turn to Iplehouse, the BJD doll site we always drool over like rapid dogs."

LOL I think I drool over their site like a rabid dog, too :D! Someday, when I'm done with college and settled into my career and I'm making enough money, Iplehouse better watch out.... XD

Back on topic, I agree that AG's costumes have gotten far less imaginative in recent years. One of my all-time favorite AG costumes (and one that I should have bought) was their Grecian Princess costume. It didn't have mix-'n'-match pieces, but it was beautiful, imaginative, and had great accessories. The outfit rarely comes up on Ebay, and then it's usually missing pieces or has a snag in the sheer overskirt. Sigh. Yet another outfit on the "I should have bought..." list.

I can't wait to read Maple's next installment. You guys always make me laugh! :D

--Kate :)

Nora and Maple said...

Haha! Someone caught Maple's rapid dogs instead of rabid. Good eye! She thinks she's so funny.

Iplehouse is awesome. And worth the money, if one has billions of money. ;-)

And that Grecian princess costume was awesome too! Maple mentions it an upcoming post. :-)

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