Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Maple's How Trendy is Your Doll?
Challenge: Maxi Skirts and Dresses!

Game On Peeps!
It's Maple here again with a new Trend Challenge for y'alls!

I did say I would do one a week, but man, life got in the way of those plans. So we'll do them when I can get it together, ya know? There needs to be more hours in the day....

Today's How Trendy is Your Doll? 
Challenge is for Maxi Skirts and Dresses.

What does maxi mean?

A long skirt, coat, or dress that usually extends to or just past the ankles.
As in maximum, maximum length. Savvy?

The construction of the bodice of a maxi dress, or the top for a maxi skirt, 
can vary in as many ways as you can dream up.

Here are some great Liberty Jane patterns for these types of items:

And here are some Liberty Jane patterns that could be 
adapted to be maxi style dresses with some designy ingenuity.

To make any of these as 'maxi' items design it to be ankle-length, 
and make sure the skirting does not poof out like a 'fit-and-flare' style:

And some inspiration examples from Forever21, 
our current go-to site for trendy looks:

For fabric colors seek out black and white patterns, dark solid colors, 
and darker, warm floral and tribal patterns for fall.

Colorblocking works great with this style, 
as you see in the blue and black example below.

As well as mixing up your materials, leather with chiffon, 
knits with georgette, etc.

Plaids and animal prints can diversify this style.

You can go vertical or horizontal - up to you!

Neckline options are endless!
V-neck, scoop, halter, you name it!

Many of the hooman versions have side slits for ease of movement.
That is pretty much optional for the dolls, as they don't move, haha.
And creating slits in skirts may be a sewing nightmare.

We also pulled together (literally) an example of a chiffon maxi over a mini skirt, which is trending like mad for humans, but as far as we know, 
no one has tried to make this for the AG dolls...
Probably because no one wants to work with the difficult sheer fabrics.

Here it is for hoomans, made of chiffon or georgette,
with an elastic waistband:

So we crafted this doll version out of a scrap of chiffon we had laying around, a jersey mini skirt we created from an old human shirt sleeve, and some binder clips. 
Hey man, we don't sew.

Here is Lottie (Caroline) modeling the look for us:

Despite our rough 'construction' methods, hopefully these pics 
give you an idea of what we are talking about.
These could probably be made as a one-piece mini 
and overskirt combo, as a skirt or dress.

Or to make your life easier you could make the skirt as two pieces like we did.
Then you can use the same mini skirt under different color semi-sheer overlays.

If we were actually sewing this, we'd put in an encased elastic waistband with some gentle gathering to create the drapey vertical ripples you see on the hooman versions.

You could also try knife-edge-pleats if you are brave.

If anyone makes or has made a doll version of this skirt (that isn't just held together with binder clips like ours, haha) -- please email us your pics!!!

We recommend pairing maxi skirts with fitted tops, which help define the doll's body shape, 
and they don't distract from the flirty drape of the skirt.

Lottie's top is from that Target Play Wonder line that appeared 
and then disappeared faster than you can say 'fitted top.'

So send us your pics of dollies in maxi skirts 
and maxi dresses peeps!!!

Up to 5 pics per person por favor.

Please send them to nora.demington@gmail.com.

Deadline is OCTOBER 29TH!!!

Any questiones?
Please feel free to ask in an email or comment!

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