Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Reader Submission #76
For Our Doll Giveaway Contest!

Hi! My name is Lulu, and my doll, (one of many) Payton is wearing the adorable Saige Sparkle Dress that I got on the day it came out at an American Girl Store. It's one of my favorites because of the bright dress, which is perfect for a summer occasion, but if you mix and match accessories it can work for all year round. 

Here is a very cute outfit I put together using pieces from Mini Boden that I would love to have for my dolls!

I think the fun colors, details, and patterns make an adorable outfit :)
Finally, I do lots of doll things in a magazine I help co-write and edit called the Doll Mag, and it's blog, I also do some other AG-Related things on my own blog,

Thank You Reader #76!!!!

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misspiggy=awesome said...

Hey, we had the same outfit! :)

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