Sunday, October 13, 2013

Maple's How Trendy is Your Doll?:
Off-The-Shoulder Tops Reader's Pics!


Several of our lovely readers sent in their off-the-shoulder, cold shoulder, or boxy tops pics for 
our first Maple's How Trendy is Your Doll? Challenge!

Check out Maple's original (and extra-snarky) post on this Challenge:

Thank you lovely readers for sending in your pics!

Here they are in no particular order:

I love to CRAFT (Create Really Awesome and Fun Things)!

I like to sew trendy doll clothing, share my creations on Facebook and Pinterest, and sell these items in Etsy.

Here is a photo of Coral in her Flashdance sweater by Altadena Designs.  You can order a Flashdance sweater at

From Emily Heather Designs:

Dear Nora and Maple,

Attached are two photos of my doll Rani wearing a green off the shoulder shirt for the challenge. I paired it with a lacy patterned white tank top and denim cutoffs, and added a red bracelet and fuchsia sandals for color contrast (some people may wince at that combination, but I don't think it looks bad on Rani). I'm not usually on top of the latest trends, so it was nice to experiment with a new clothing style.

Thanks for this fun opportunity!

PS The bunny design was inspired by a Delia's shirt that I found on your great Trends to Sew Pinterest board.

I made this top from a Suzy M Studios pattern. I think what really makes it great is the cotton knit fabric that is sprinkled with sparkly silver stars and hearts. It reminds me of the Milky Way on a summer night! This outfit is currently available in my Etsy shop:

The first one is the cold shoulder top pattern the second picture the dolman sleeve top I changed it slightly to become a slouchy sweatshirt and the last one is an off the shoulder t made into a retro 80's look .

AKA Mini Me Dolly Divas

Here are (is) a sample of my off the shoulder tee(s). Not currently for sale in my shop but here is the link anyway

Thank you so much for your pics readers!

Our next Maple's How Trendy is Your Doll? Challenge
will be on maxi skirts and dresses -- so start prepping your pics!!!

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