Sunday, October 20, 2013

Halloween the American Girl Way:
Maple's Thoughts Part Five


Today we continue the "Maple's Thoughts" series about some of the Halloween costume offerings from American Girl.

The Ballet Outfit

Marketing this as a Halloween costume seems a bit too painful.

American Girl might as well have marketed their basketball uniform, track uniform, ice skating ensemble, gymnastics, softball, cheerleading outfits, and any other 
sporty/uniformy thing they could label as possible 'costume.'

Eight costumes right there!
Including one to be Lance Armstrong!

So the GOTY 2014 is supposed to be a ballerina.
Or a ballerina wannabe.
I guess I am supposed to say that before I spoil something?
Or after?
Who knows...
If you didn't know this already, I can't help you.

Theoretically AG might be trying to move ye olde ballet outfit to make way 
for the new GOTY shinies -- which obviously won't be marketed as ballerina costumes for Halloween...

This baby says pink.

In fact it screams "PINK!!! PINK OR DIE!!!
You can take my life but you can never take my PINK!!!!!"

Which is fine if you like pink.
(We don't.)

And overall, this set looks great.
Good fabrics.
Good fit. Lots of pieces.

I just think the Ballet Outfit should be a Ballet Outfit,
and not a Halloween costume.

I for one would not look forward to skipping down the cold New England 
streets in a leotard and tights on Halloween.

Even a dancer's shrug couldn't make this outfit warm enough for
midnight in Salem Halloween activities.

But if you insist on sticking to a ballet outfit for a Halloween costume --
at least make it a show ballerina outfit,
not just a practicing in the studio outfit.

Like this baby.
Shimmer. Sequins. Feathered Tiara. Bling.
Armpit Ruffles.

Or the Swan Lake Swanny thing.

No one could say you just pulled this out of your after-school activity bag.

Show some creativity American Girl.

Man, it seems like I say that in every one of these posts....


So that wraps up my "Maple's Thoughts" on 
AG's current Halloween 'costumes.'

If you want, I will continue my monologue on
Halloween-related items.

Vote below people.


Kate J said...

I agree, the ballet outfit is nice, but it should not be a Halloween costume!! I mean, seriously AG! Get more creative. Maybe some historical costumes or pirates, there are millions of ideas out there! I know, I used A LOT of exclamation marks:P

Melody Silverleaf said...

I agree. I have seen ballerinas once in a great while on Halloween, but they could easily choose new colors for the retired wood fairy costume. That was awesome.

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