Monday, October 21, 2013

Reader Submission #81
For Our Doll Giveaway Contest!

In these pictures my doll McKenna is wearing my favorite doll outfit. It is my favorite because it is just so cute. The shirt is the MAG meet shirt. I made the mini skirt and the shoes. I think the shoes are the cutest part of the outfit! 

Human outfit I want to have in doll size.

Thank You Reader #81!!!!

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This contest is currently closed to new submissions.

We will be posting Reader Submissions once a day or every other day
until we run out of them. :-)

We will announce the winner of this contest once we are done posting all of the entries.

1 comment:

Melody Silverleaf said...

I love that yellow polka dot dress! One of the girls at church has it and it is so pretty.

Your doll and photo shoot are so pretty. I'm feeling rather embarrassed about mine (it hasn't posted yet) so hastily thrown together.

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