Saturday, October 19, 2013

Halloween the American Girl Way:
Maple's Thoughts Part Four


Today we continue the "Maple's Thoughts" series about some of the Halloween costume offerings from American Girl.

And then there is the Genie Costume...

We should know by now that I despise one-piece costumes.

The genie costume should be cool, and it sorta is -- but it is one-piece and made out of fabrics that again scream "COSTUME!"

The brocade design is neat.

But the three pieces of gold paper/plastic sewn on the front look cheapo.

The booties look cool.

Not really sure they are worth the price of the whole outfit though.

In the end, American Girl's Genie Costume makes me want to make my own version of a genie costume -- which is sorta not the point AG.

American Girl shouldn't be making costumes that 
I automatically want better versions of.

The problem is that no one else is making better costumes for the 
AG-size doll than they are.
Which is sad.

But if there was competition out there offering great costumes, 
they'd have to step up their game, maybe...

Wishcraft makes a human version that actually looks a bit more like the 
genie costume from "I Dream of Jeannie."

And it doesn't just look like a mish-mash of a genie and Disney's Jasmine, 
i.e. an Arabian princess costume,
i.e. AG's Genie Costume.

I'd like a doll version of this set below.
To me it looks way cooler.

And in general, why a genie?
That doesn't seem like a costume that kids are clamoring to wear nowadays.

Why not make something more empowering than what looks like a harem girl outfit?
Yeah, a genie is supposed to be all-powerful, but they are trapped in a bottle only to grant wishes... so...

How about other options that don't say "just sit there and look pretty?"

I totally want to shoot things with arrows.
Just in a slightly longer dress.

This is made of awesome.
Not only do I get a sword and a shield, I also get furry boots.

Nothing says empowered like having the ability to turn people to stone.

I dare you to stare at me.

Why not a redo of the ol' AG Grecian Princess costume?
This one is a Greek Goddess.

I think I could rock this.
Bring me your offerings and first-born children, people!

Nothing says slash and stab like the Three Musketeers.
This costume manages to be girly, cute, and warrior-worthy.

And then there are pirates.
Why no pirate costumes AG?
Worried we might become pirates when we grow up???

Which you would think would sell for many reasons.
But for us, dude she was a real Queen of Egypt.

I like being the Queen.
Bow to me my peons.

Another Queen/Princess costume with an edge: Viking.

Those people were warriors, man.
And the Scandinavian thing is in with the coming of Disney's "Frozen."

Another historical gem that says I rule!

The Statue of Liberty people.
Nothing says tough like being made out of metal.

One of my favs -- a sassy Bandita, i.e. A female Zorro.

About time someone did this.
Slashy-slashy, stab-stab, give me your candy!

This girl looks a little bit too sweet to be a ninja -- 
but eh, I still support anything ninja-themed.

Ninjas AG? Ever heard of them?
I for one would love to dress up like my Ninjago Lego figures... 
I mean Kenna's Ninjago Lego figures...

Nya, Sister of Fire, Weapon of Choice: Double Daggers.
Ring a bell AG?

Why is it that Lego (which consistently fails at creating empowered female characters)
can have a girl ninja but you can't?

Empress Josephine.
I'm okay with being an Empress.
Crown, staff, jewels. My own Empire.
Sounds perfect.

And then there is the awesome and hilarious Faora costume, 
from the Superman stories.

Yes, someone made this for young girls.
Now AG whipping out a Faora costume would stop my heart -- but still they could do a dark-themed warrior costume. Why not?

Or how about a policewoman, a firefighter, a doctor?
A super-heroine, a knight, an explorer?
A scientist, an alien, a robot, an astronaut?
A jet pilot, a race car driver, a Sith Lord, a Transformer?

Who is making the rules here?
No one. It's a free country.
Be brave. Be bold AG. 
Be empowering.


Stay tuned for Part Five when I, 

Magnificent Warrior-Empress-Queen Stabby-Slash Maple, 

talk about the Ballet Outfit -- 
the fourth and final outfit that AG is currently marketing as possibly useable as a Halloween costume...


N said...

I'm not so keen on the kimono-looking costume because of cultura appropriation, but in general these Wishcraft costumes rock. Do they still make Padme Amidala fighter costumes? I don't care what kind of legal hoops they need to maneuver, AG needs to make costumes like that for dolls instead of their current ridiculous options. If, as they claim, their mission is to help girls grow and be the best they can be (or whatever the phrase is), you would think they'd be more into girl-empowerment costumes and other clothing options.

Karen Mullins said...

I have a few costumes for AG dolls on my store and will be working on more this week. Agreed on the silliness of some of the costumes out there and love the girl costumes that you posted! Yay for girl empowerment!

(Kat's Corner Attic)

Melody Silverleaf said...

These are great costumes. All very appropriate for all age girls (much better than what you find in the mass market stores). Thank you for sharing these.

Anonymous said...

I am actually going as the huntress! "Gimme the candy or I shoot you with my arrows!" XD! hey, wouldn't be weird if we used winky faces all the time in real life? like: Nice shirt! (Wink!)
- Anonymous A.

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