Saturday, October 12, 2013

Reader Submission #72
For Our Doll Giveaway Contest!

Hello Everybody! 

My name is Quinlyn, and some of you might know me from my blog, Quinny & Co. One of my favorite things about collecting dolls is dressing them up in delightful small-scale outfits. I really appreciate a well-made piece of doll clothing. It always feels like a luxury item, even if it is for a doll!

Today I’ll be talking about my JLY #25 Leah’s favorite outfit. She’s one of my fashionistas, but her favorite outfit remains her summery blue “meet dress."

Leah’s story started when she was rescued from a thrift store from my wonderful friend, Lexi ( A few days later, much to my surprise and happiness, I found Leah on my doorstep, sent to me as a beautiful gift. She was dressed in the hand-made blue dress that Lexi had sewn, along with the cutest little colorblock converse shoes (AG brand; from the retired Dockside Outfit) and socks.

Leah loves the way the cool blue cotton looks with her dark hair, the fun crossover neckline, and the rainbow trim. It perfectly suits her personality and the days when she wants to dress pretty and be free to have fun at the same time! However, on many occasions, Leah has been obliged to share her favorite dress because Kit loves it, too! ;)

Another one of my favorite things about doll clothes is the ability that some amazing seamstresses have to create miniatures from human-sized patterns and fabrics. There are hundreds of outfits I would love to see made in doll-sized, but I’ll confine myself to two, one for summer and one for winter:

This coat would be a gorgeous (and very sweet!) addition to any doll’s wardrobe. The childlike style reflects the fact that the dolls are, in fact, dolls, but it’s soft and luxurious enough to delight any wearer. I think it would look especially nice on dark-haired dolls like Leah or blond-haired, blue-eyed dolls like Elizabeth.

This would be such a fun piece in a doll’s size. The twirly skirt and color combination would catch the eye of everyone at a doll ball. It’s playful, yet sophisticated, and would work well on dolls of any eye/hair color combination.

Thanks to The Doll Wardrobe for hosting this contest—it was a lot of fun getting to look at pretty clothes and speak to you all. If you want to see more posts of mine, you can visit my blog at or glimpse into my photography at

Have a wonderful day!

Thank You Reader #72!!!!

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Kate J said...

Please, I would love to know how many more entries there are for the doll giveaway contest, thanks!

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