Saturday, October 26, 2013

Reader Submission #86
For Our Doll Giveaway Contest!

Hi!  My favorite doll is my AG doll Kanani.  I have her in a special outfit that my grandma made for her.  It is a black leather jacket and a purple sequined dress.  Purple is my favorite color, and this was an outfit that I wanted for her, so that she could look like a rockstar!

I like the outfit that I picked because I think the sweater is really pretty, and the hat is really cool!

Thank You Reader #86!!!!

Read about this contest here: 

This contest is currently closed to new submissions.

We will be posting Reader Submissions once a day or every other day
until we run out of them. :-)

We will announce the winner of this contest once we are done posting all of the entries.


Anonymous said...

hey people! Maple, why don't you post on your story blog anymore? I really want to read all of the stories!
- Anonymous A.

CiCi said...

so how many more reader submissions are there?

CiCi said...

and when will there be another photo contest?

Kate J said...

You said you would announce the FDC winner this month, what happened?

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