Thursday, October 24, 2013

Reader Submission #84
For Our Doll Giveaway Contest!

First pictures are of my JLY #22, Amanda. 

She is wearing her absolute favorite dress by "SCOsammy" on etsy. This is one of my favorite shops, where I have plenty of her handmade outfits! Amanda and I love this dress because of how girly and unique it is! Amanda loves just about anything pink like I do, and loves the fit and flare style on dresses! 

Second set of pictures are of JLY #17, Christine. 

Christine is wearing a vintage styled dress with a modern twist. Christine, like me and Amanda, is very into fashion. Christine loves to rock the vintage looks and this dress particularly, because it matches her hair! This one of a kind dress was custom made from "Fashioned4you" on etsy. I also have many items from her shop!  

I would love to see these last two dresses in doll size as they are very fashionable and effortlessly cute!

Thank You Reader #84!!!!

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