Thursday, October 17, 2013

Halloween the American Girl Way:
Maple's Thoughts Part Two


Today we continue the "Maple's Thoughts" series about some of the Halloween costume offerings from American Girl.

Current Halloween costumes being sold by AG include:

The Spooky Fun Outfit

I am not sure that this outfit is either Spooky or Fun.

Certainly not Spooky.
The ghosts are smiling and floating with candy corn.
I'm about as spooked as...
...well, I'm just not spooked.

This looks like a marketing committee's amalgamation.
Halloweenie, but not really a costume.

Suitable for parties.
Something you might find in Target's toddler section, Carter's or Gymboree.

Like these outfits below, which are marketed at the oldest for 24-month babies.
And often as PJs or loungewear.

I could see the AG ghost shirt as a school Halloween tee for the kindergarten set.

But even the real ones have more creativity and cuteness to them than the AG shirt.

This is how you do a Halloween shirt for a five-year-old AG....


AG's smiling ghosts look a little lame now don't they?

Ghosts with a 'stache, an eye-patch,
and a sheriff's badge.

AG's smiling ghosts look really lame now don't they?

And a tutu? 
Am I three?
I don't always get the tutu thing, unless it is indeed
for a ballerina costume or as a petticoat.

At least it is separate from the shirt.
I feel like you could use this with a pumpkin-themed tee,
or with a white top and yellow socks to be candy corn,
or as part of a Halloween-themed 80's outfit.

So it has potential.
I won't dismiss it entirely.

Candy corn striped thigh-high socks.
I see nothing wrong with these.

I'd wear these socks around the house, in a box, on a fox, with chicken pox.
Good job, AG.
I would buy this outfit (on sale) for the socks.

Cool-looking not!Crocs.
If there is such a thing as cool-looking not!Crocs.

But we always worry about dark-colored shoes leaving marks on the dolls.
Would only wear these puppies for short time periods or with socks.

So we come back around to Wishcraft.
Yep, that again.

They are now offering girl and doll matching outfits, in case you didn't know.
And one of the things they are offering this year is Halloweenie PJs sets.

Halloween PJs.

Why not try that AG?
You were like 3/4ths of the way there with this outfit.

Wishcraft even personalizes these things for you.

See they even make prison-jumpsuit costume jammies.
Rowan is smiling because the guard told her to.

This doll goes by her prison-nickname "D" - for Dangerous.

Finley and Rosie are ready to party.
Where's the candy?

Rosie looks startled from her sudden hair color change.

"Hi! I'm Audrey and I often stand right on the edges of outdoor fountains in my PJs, 
barefoot, with my twin brother!"

If you see this in the real world children, call the police.

I think that Lily is sleepwalking.
Or it's 4am and she is confusing Halloween with Christmas.

"Must get prezzies from Santa Claus!"

Cat PJs aren't personalization-izable.

But that's okay, I think that doll is too stuck up to embroider 
her name on stuff she owns.

Human kitty has either had too much candy or 
her candy should be checked for narcotics.

No one smiles like that without sugar or drugs.

Dot looks slightly upset that Avery couldn't come up 
with a better name for her than Dot.

Avery is fine with it.
Someone named her Avery. 
Everyone should be stuck with a weird name right?

So AG.

You must be able to execute better-fitting doll 
Halloween PJs than Wishcraft, right?

None of these doll PJs are anything we'd invest money in.
But the point is that someone other than AG is making them.
And selling them.
And making money off of them.
Money that AG could be making.

And Wishcraft doesn't just offer one set of doll Halloween PJs -- 
they offer seven sets.

The doll skeleton PJs have already sold out.

Hope they sell these again.
These we'd buy.

But not in pink.

Horrid pink.

So yeah AG -- try some Halloween jammies.

Is that so difficult?
You make jammies for every other season.
I'm surprised you don't make Mother's Day and Father's Day themed 
jammies given the amount of themed jammies you churn out.

Why are you missing this obvious option?

But if you insist on making a daylight-hours youthful 
Halloween-themed outfit,
ditch the tutu.

Try a sequined-skirt and a pair of lace-edged leggings.
And some sparkly ballet flats.
And lose those weird LSD happy ghosts and flying candy corn.

Rachel doesn't know how to walk in a straight line, 
but she is still super-cute in that outfit.

And Hailey seems to be stumped on how to walk as well.
Perhaps she is wondering why she is Hailey and not Haley.
But still, the outfit works.

It's clearly a for-school or for-a-party outfit, and not something 
that looks like a baby's pajama set....


Up Next in Part Three... 

...we discuss some of the Urban Threads embroidery designs that we love for this Spooky and Fun Halloween season!

So if you are crafting your own Halloween tees, shirts, PJ tops, and more for this holiday -- stay tuned for that post!

Urban Threads is the place to go for your Halloweenie embroidery designs!

And they can also serve as inspiration for your own 
appliques and iron-on designs.

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