Saturday, October 5, 2013

DW September Round-Up and
Contest Updates

Hi y'alls!

As far as our current contests, we still have several more Reader Submissions to post and then we will announce a winner when we are done posting those. 
We are in the process of scheduling them all now.

For the 2013 Fashion Design Challenge, we are still tallying the votes and moving toward a judgment. The two winners have not been chosen yet. 
But we will announce the winners this month.

In September we announced three giveaways.

One for a gold owl necklace from 2 Sisters Sew Crafty.

Last Day to Enter this Giveaway is OCTOBER 16TH.

Another for a three-piece outfit from 123 Mulberry Street.

Last Day to Enter this Giveaway is OCTOBER 17TH.

And our latest giveaway is for 2 knitting pattern books.
One from Nicky Epstein.
And one from Debonair Designs.

Last Day to Enter this Giveaway is OCTOBER 25TH.

If you want us to host your giveaway in the coming months, 
please email us at


We did a Featured Shop post on Etsy's Party With Felt.

We have several more of the Featured and Exciting Shop posts in da' works.

Maple started a new series "How Trendy is Your Doll?"

She started with an "Off-The-Shoulder Top Challenge" 
which we will be posting our reader's pics soon!

And Maple is currently plotting her next "How Trendy is Your Doll?" Challenge!

Also in September we continued our new series 
"Branding Your Etsy Squares."

Etsy sellers need to think dynamically about how to make 
their Etsy Squares stand out from the pack.

In essence, you need to brand your Etsy Squares, so the buyer knows it is your Etsy shop and your Etsy item just by glancing quickly at the square.

And when we say brand, we don't mean to just put big words "My Shop Name Here" in your square, but to visually brand your images. Make them work for you 110%.

Our steps will hopefully help you accomplish this goal.

Step #1 introduced
our topic with a basic overview of what makes 
a good Etsy Square.

Step #2 addressed how 
high-quality photography, well-lit outdoor shots, and blurred backgrounds
sell your items for you.

Step #3 talked about
trying to use doll faces and eye contact 
more in your Squares and why you should.

Step #4 went through
the technical process of using images into your Etsy listing
and how to manipulate your Square.

Step #5 dove into
crafting ideal and non-ideal Etsy Squares 
from one edited pic.

Step #6 worked on 
choosing the best pics for Etsy Squares, 
cropping and editing them.

Step #7 discussed 
Etsy Squares for Separates and 
Accessories Listings.

Our upcoming Steps will address indoor photography, using reflectors, 
and making your own photography studio.

The key is light, light, light and white, white, white. ;-)

For now we recommend looking at The Spicys' Guest Post here 
on building your own Light Box:

As part of this "Branding" series we started up a DW Product Photography Service.

It is currently open to 3 sellers, 2 slots have been filled.

If you are interested in us photographing your doll products for you, 
please email us at

We also started Shop Critiques for this series.

We have done one so far, with many more to come!
For the first critique we worked with Etsy's Emily Heather Designs.

Last month we also started a new Page here at the DW for Wigs.

Pics of our various dolls in various wigs that we own.
Deep stuff! ;-)

Check it out here:

We posted about the first Fall 2013 Liberty Jane OOAK outfit Auction.

Which sold for $394.99 with 45 bids.
Yep, you read that right.

Lots mo' fun is coming up this month here at 
The DW!

Welcome October! 

(Albeit Belatedly, Haha.)


Kate J said...

I can't wait to see who wins the FDC!! Everyone did an amazing job!

Anonymous said...

When will the winner be announced for reader submition? Just wondering. ;-)

Kate J said...

Wow, the Liberty Jane OOAK outfit sold for $394.99!! That is a lot! Oh, who won the Two sets of Earring Dangles from 2 Sisters Sew Crafty giveaway? Thanks!

Nora and Maple said...

Christina L. won the earring dangles. I guess we forgot to announce that!

The dolls! said...

Like Anonymous said, when will the next Reader Submission, Or winner of the Reader Submission contest be announced?

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