Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Dec. 1, 2015: Question of the Day!

Welcome back to our Question of the Day series!

Today's Question is....

How did you come up with your shop/brand name?

QTpie Doll Clothing's Answer

"We are a bit of a nerdy family and when we were trying to come up with a name, I wanted QTpie Doll Clothing and my daughter suggest the pi symbol."

Made by MoMo Couture's Answer


"My original business was tutus so I just modified it from that. MoMo was a name a high school friend gave me in my early 20's. For Etsy, I just added 'Couture' to 'Made by MoMo.' Interesting story, huh? ;)"

Mia Kate Apparel's Answer

"MiaKateApparel stems from my Instagram, which is mia.kate.andco. Mia and Kate are 2 of my most photographed dolls, and sisters here at my house!"

The Glam Doll's Answer

"I came up with the name, The Glam Doll, based off of a vision that I had for the dolls. I wanted to create modest glamorous doll clothing. I originally thought I would create just formal wear, but I totally love creating casual-wear more."

Clarisse's Closet's Answer

"I created Clarisse when I wanted to create a doll fashion blog and wanted to start with a fresh character to be the star. When I decided to start selling clothes inspired by Clarisse’s style, Clarisse’s Closet seemed to be the perfect fit!"

Pippaloo's Answer

"Before my oldest was born a relative suggested the name Pippa (this was long prior to Miss Middleton's US fame) and I loved it! But the husband...not so much. And I had to agree that it did seem a bit corny with our last name- which also ends in 'ppa' So I relented. My shop name is sort of a hybrid of the name Pippa mixed with my oldest daughter's name. I think it sounds fun and unique- two qualities that I wanted my shop to have."

Cupcake Cutie Pie's Answer

"Cupcakes have always been a favorite in our house over cakes 
and I nicknamed my niece at the time Cutie Pie."

Closet 4 Chloe's Answer

"It is named after my youngest daughter’s doll named Chloe. 
 I created my shop around the time she got her first AG doll and named her Chloe."

123 Mulberry Street's Answer

"My shop is named after Mulberry Street in New York City, My favorite place in the world!!"

Dollhouse Designs' Answer

"It is mostly nostalgia.

I used to make outfits for my daughter’s fashion and 18” dolls. The Barbies were housed in a large pink & white dollhouse and it was a centerpiece of her room. The interior was turned to the wall when not in use so the pretty exterior showed toward the room. It looked very much like the dollhouse in “Two Bad Mice” by Beatrix Potter, which was a favorite bedtime story -a very funny one too! (I used to read this aloud in a British accent)

In the story, Lucinda and Jane were residents of the dollhouse and they had their own world going on. It is fun to imagine that dolls have their own opinions and thoughts. ( ;) because of course they do). So, Dollhouse Designs creates designs FOR the inhabitants of dollhouses."

Noodle Clothing's Answer

"Finding a name was challenging. Barbie was obviously out, so I went with something that doesn’t have any real link to the 18 inch world. It comes from a nickname given to me by some good friends while we were traveling in Vietnam. My shop banner was made by these same friends."

Whoa It's Me's Answer

"In choosing a shop name, I wanted to portray an image of energy and self-confidence. In direct contrast to 'woe is me', I think it does just that. 'Whoa It's Me' evokes the image of 'Look at me - here I am!', and I strive to make doll fashions that will inspire that feeling."

Dollicious Clothes' Answer

"I was working on a grocery list at the time we were trying to create a name for the business and so food and doll clothes sort of merged together to become Dollicious!"

Party With Felt's Answer

"All of my work is done with High quality wool blend felt - and I have a custom line of soy base ink printed felt made just for me here in the USA. I love what I do - and I promote my items as Party favors - so I named it - Party with Felt!"


Thank you for reading these Etsy sellers' answers!!!

And please check out their shops for your holiday shopping. Hint. Hint. ;-)

Stay tuned for another "Question of the Day" post right around the corner!

p.s. If you own an Etsy shop, or a doll-related handmade item website, please feel free to email us at nora.demington@gmail.com to participate in the next round of "Question of the Day," which will probably begin in Jan. 2016. 

Thank you!!!

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