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Trends to Sew: A Better Version of Lea's Meet Outfit, Urban Outfitters

Welcome back, friends.

Again, I'm not gonna post a pic of Lea's Meet Outfit before Jan. 1st and risk the wrath of AG.

But basically it is an all-over "tribal" tropical print dress with yellow, fuschia, and turquoise as it's primary colors. But it's kinda all over the place as far as colors.

It is a tank dress, has double-rope straps over her shoulders, and has a "belt" just in the front of the dress. According to the pics online, the pattern on the fabric doesn't even line up on the back of the dress. I hope that's not true of the real dress.

Basically this is a dress for sunshiney locations and palm trees (as Lea's story takes place mostly in Brazil, or something along those lines).

It's like a Carnival dress, except for every day life.

Yeah, like ^^^ the one in the center, on the singer.
I'm not even joking.

Okay, some of you are now saying -- 
"Noooo!!! It doesn't look like that at all!!!"

Well, to us, the best description of it is a bathing suit cover-up -- 
if you don't want to go with the Carnival dress analogy...cough, cough.

Anyways.....can you tell we don't like it???

***Edited to add...***

Okay, now you can see it in all of it's "glory"

I could go into the thousand reasons why we don't like Lea's Meet Outfit -- but the point of this post is to give you sewing ideas. So instead we'll talk about sleeveless dress options for you to think about.


You want your Lea to have a sleeveless dress, 
but not the atrocity that's being released on Jan. 1st???

You want something casual, relaxed, not too short, not too mature-looking (you're not going clubbing), sorta bright and beach-friendly, but not so beachy that you can't wear it other places....

Then here are some trendy sleeveless dresses for you to sew!

From Urban Outfitters....

#1 Fit and Flare style.

"Charming mini velvet fit + flare dress with a lace-up back, by Silence + Noise. In a soft + stretchy velvet knit for cozy-but-cute partying. Fit with skinny straps that adjust to the perfect fit. Finished with chiffon hems + a square neck."

Can be made in a variety of fabrics, but you'll need something 
with significant drape for the skirt to look right.

The way to really sell this is to make that back construction as accurate and realistic as possible, and to allow the design to be layered over a tight shirt, as in the pics, so you're doll can wear this in multiple seasons.

#2 Babydoll Swingy Flare style.

"Easy breezy printed babydoll dress from Kimchi Blue with a floaty high/low hem. 
The Florence dress features a swingy silhouette with a high neckline and button-topped keyhole cut out at the back."

I would make this longer, not as short.
As passerbys don't need to see doll crotches....cough, cough.

But it is a beautiful dress, with a lovely summery, floaty feeling.

Again, making that keyhole back design is part of the key (get it?) 
to getting this look right in your doll clothing.

High, simple, flat necklines are very popular in 
dresses and shirts this year -- so take note of that.

And of course, that high-low concept is important as well -- which everyone thought would be a 5-second trend -- but guess what? it's still here!!!

#3 Another Fit and Flare style.

"Cozy-casual fit + flare dress from staple collection BDG. Ribbed knit featuring a fitted bodice and a short + swingy mini skirt finished with a banded scoop-neck and racerback."

Yes, this has a waffley-knit fabric that screams "winter" -- but really, everything else about this dress screams beach -- and the combination is kinda refreshing.

This is a great dress for warm weather -- without looking like an obnoxious tourist.

The little details to copy here include that unique bodice construction which cuts down into the skirt and allows for those beautiful drapery effects.

This ^^^ is one of those designs that looks really simple and easy to the consumer -- 
but in reality, it's challenging to create. 

But it's worth the effort!!!

#4 Fit and Flare with Tied Back

"Super sweet crepe fit + flare dress from romantic-femme label Kimchi Blue with skinny straps that thread through + bow at the plunging back. Topped with a flattering V-neck at the fitted bodice + a twirl-worthy A-line skirt that tapers out at the waist."

What makes this dress sing?

The V-shaped empire waistline right under the chest that meets the V-neckline.
X marks the spot friends!

This is a beautiful design, and the proper construction 
will give you lovely drape in the skirt.

And that deep turquoise is just perfect. 
I'd love to see a doll version of this on Lea; 
with her medium skin tone I think it would look fantastic.

#5 Skater Dress style

Similar to above, but you can see the difference in the bodice and waistline construction, which makes an amazing amount of difference in how the dress lays on the body.

This skater dress design is very popular this season, 
and we are seeing it in a lot of fabrics:

I think this soft mint would look beautiful on Lea.

#6 Ruffle Wrap Style

"Classic-femme voile wrap ruffle dress by our ever-romantic Kimchi Blue label. The Sabina dress features a deep surplice neck + bottom tulip hem, both trimmed with floaty ruffles with a fixed wrap waist for easy on + off. Detailed with a lace-up racerback with brass-tipped ties for an adjustable fit. Finished with a clasp-topped zip closure at the side."

This one makes me want to move to Miami so I can wear it all year long, 
without looking like a freak....cough, cough.

These beautiful purples would look gorgeous on Lea.

It has a very unique back construction, 
that I think would be worth copying for the dolls.

There's a reason why clothing companies make those fancy dress backs -- and it's not just to frustrate people who want to make doll versions of things.

It's so the customer doesn't look at it and say -- "I can get that sundress anywhere. 
I don't have to buy it from UO."

Oh yes, you do -- if you want that cool back you have to buy it from UO, you silly goose.

So detailing like that is what makes a company's products 
more buy-able than their competitors.

This ruffle wrap dress also comes in polka dots, and that fabric allows 
you to see the construction of it a bit better.

Are your creative-brain-wheels turning yet?

I hope so!

Stay tuned for a second part to 
"A Better Version of Lea's Meet Outfit."

Thank you for visiting us today friends!!!


Ebony said...

Amazing!!!!!!!! I feel so inspired!!! Aaaaahhhh !

N said...

But what about the neck strings that are going to be exposed by the cute open backs? Is there a way to conceal them so that it doesn't look awkward?

Carrickters said...

The other reason companies make those amazing tie type backs is it makes the dress fit a wider variety of figures quite well. However, the same reasoning works for dolls as well.

Flo said...

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who isn't enamored with Lea' meet outfit (or much else from her collection). I like your idea much better. Pixie Faire has a nice free pattern too for a sleeveless dress that is very similar in style.

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