Thursday, December 24, 2015

Improving Your Doll Photography: Simple Method of Reflecting Light Onto Your Doll

We posted these pics yesterday on Instagram, so if you follow us there - 
you probably don't need to pay attention to this, haha.

But we wanted to show you what using a simple piece of white paper 
can do when photographing your dolls.

Yes, you can buy a reflector, or you can get a big white poster board thingy.

But let's say you don't have those things with you.
So look for - a piece of white paper! Woo!
And someone to hold it for you....

So we decided to bring Zoya with us on our holiday voyage.

Zoya ^^^ in a Caroline wig (she is an Ivy doll)

We took Zoya outside.

In a Truly Me #28 wig.
Kit's hat.
Cat ears from Seasoflavender's Etsy.
Cardigan by Clarisse's Closet.
Dress by Sylvie and Bruno.

But her face didn't have a lot of light on it.

And it just wasn't a sunny day, not even sunny with some clouds day.
Just cloudy and dull.
Sometimes cloudy is good.
But cloudy and dark is just not helpful.

So we employed/enslaved a family member 
to hold a piece of white paper under her face.

And you can see the difference in the lighting. ^^^

We had the hand move the paper around, different angles.

Some angles are better than others.
So make sure you experiment.

You can get these little shadows above the eyelashes --
but overall, we liked it better with the paper.

It gave us those catch lights in her eyes 
that we talked about in Monday's blog post.

And then we moved her over to another side 
of the porch for a different background.

Still using the piece of paper.

Still forcing a family member to help us. ;-)

So grab a piece of white paper and a family member 
this holiday season when photographing your dolls!!!

Merry Christmas Eve, friends!

And thank you for visiting us today!!!


DJwolf-Addy said...

I never thought of that method...thanks so much for the help!
Merry Christmas eve!

Ellie said...

Fabulous post! Awesome tip :)

- Ellie

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