Thursday, December 17, 2015

Trends to Sew: A Better Version of Lea's Meet Outfit, Hollister

Now some of you might not be able to stand Hollister, but I don't really get that.

Their clothes are awesome.

Their stores are horrid.

They reek of cheap cologne and then all of the 
clothing takes on that smell and it is horrid.

But the clothing is awesome.

Just buy direct from online.
Then it won't smell.

Also, they have really good sales throughout the year.

So I recommend following the sales closely, buying their products cheap...

(online, NOT in the store where it smells like 
a high school boys' locker room after everyone pretends 
to shave their face and uses 300 gallons of aftershave)

...and then cutting up the merchandise, de-constructing it, and 
then re-constructing it into doll clothes.

Of course, that's only if the fabric is in an appropriate scale.

So that's what I recommend.

Hollister is based on Southern California beach-life style.

So I thought this would be a great company to go to for 
warm-weather clothing for Lea - our warm-weather GOTY 2106.

And Hollister is "beachy" without being "touristy" and garish.

I don't like garish.

So here are some Hollister sleeveless dress options...

Again we see the Skater Dress

Similar to the one we saw from Urban Outfitters, but this one is a bit more simplistic in it's styling -- sort of like a cross between the UO turquoise and mint dresses we looked at in yesterday's post.

What you are looking for is that fit and flare design.
Hug the bodice, but flare out at the waistline and 
give the skirt some good quality draping.

Sure, shift and swing dresses are popular right now.

But honestly we don't think they'd work very well on the dolls.

Yes, you can try these swing styles:


It helps to have boobs with those style dresses to make them 
feminine and not look like you are a toddler.



And guess what?

The AG dolls don't have boobs.

They don't even have waists!

So sometimes putting them in something that looks 
exactly like their body shape isn't very helpful.

Like this...

That's not going to look terribly flattering on them either.

Anyways...where was I?

Right...sleeveless dresses....

Next up...the "Must-Have" Ribbed Dress

Hollister named it that, not me, haha.

But it is very, very flattering.

Two "colors" that I think would work well for Lea are 
the blue and cream "nautical" one, and the ribbed grey one.

So first of all, I posted the complete outfits, styled with the jacket and with the shirt 
around the waist so you can mimic these stylings yourself.

And with the shoes included, so you can 
figure out what shoes to put with this.

I'm not saying you can't figure it out on your own, 
but just in case you wanted some ideas. ;-)

Second, to me, the key concept behind this dress's design is that princess seaming, 
on the front AND the back.

Most seamstresses are going to make those in stiffer fabrics, not ribbed knit.

But that's the beauty of it here.
It adds a lot of contour and shape to this dress.

So it doesn't just hang on the model - it's constructed around her curves, 
without forcing curves to be somewhere where they aren't.

Hence, princess seaming in a ribbed knit fabric dress can help 
to suggest curves on the doll's bodies, giving them more realism.

I'm not saying to make a dress that gives the doll fake boobs. No.

Just that a shapely dress is typically more flattering on the dolls.

Wow...I talked about that for awhile...

And last, but not least from Hollister...

The "Easy Denim Jumper"

Overalls, shortalls, and jumpers are very much in fashion.

So despite this not being a floral, tropical flavor -- 
I think this is a great warm-weather, beachy option for Lea.

If you get the scale of the buttons and stitching right, and the perfect slant to the pockets,
this can look very realistic and trendy.

Obviously I wouldn't design it to have that shelf for the boobs, because as stated above - the AG dolls don't have boobs - but other than that, I'd design it as close to the human original as possible.

It has just the right level of sophistication that it 
doesn't look cheesy or for a 4-yr-old;
but it's also not so posh that it looks like some high-end designer space-age thing.

Nice and homey and comforting, while also being feminine and flattering.

Alright, I think I've whined long enough about sleeveless dresses.

Stay tuned for more Lea Wardrobe Substitution Suggestions!

(Say that ten times fast, haha)

Thanks for visiting us today friends!

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