Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Trends to Sew: Button-Down Skirt

First off, let's clear up some reader confusion-- haha -- 
we don't sell any patterns or any doll clothes.

We just recommend patterns and what to sew.

Two different things, haha.

I know it seems an odd roll to play, but here we are!

Just hanging out and telling you what to do, 
but not actually selling anything to help you!

Yes! That's us.

Mostly, sort of, useless.

So today we recommend sewing the Button-Down Skirt.

Yes, this puppy is still in style and going strong, 
even into the winter months (which haven't really been that cold yet....).

People are throwing on tights, leggings, boots, leg-warmers, etc. and wearing these things.

Also, keep in mind that about 100% of Lea's collection and theme is summer, summer, summer, summer, hot, hot, hot, tropical, tropical, tropical, beach, beach, beach
--- and she comes out in about 1/2 a month.

So keep sewing those skirts!

And if you haven't been sewing them -- start sewing them!!

The basic pattern is sold by Liberty Jane on Pixie Faire:

(But of course --- this is just the pattern -- you can do 
whatever you want with it! Be creative!)

We'll include the little blurb about the pattern here because it is so very, very useful:

"A new classic from Liberty Jane - The Button Front Mini Skirt designed to fit 18 inch dolls such as American Girl®. This cute button front skirt is the perfect go-to piece for every wardrobe. The button front design can be sewn as functional or as a faux look. The skirt is designed with four front panels and 3 back panels, which adds interest to the original classic denim mini skirt design.

The skirt front has a flat waistband while the back has enclosed elastic which makes it an easy on and off piece. The side seams of the waistband are ingeniously sewn together with enclosed seams for a clean and professional look. Bring out the seaming details with contrast thread or keep it matching for a more dressed up version. There are so many looks you can achieve with your fabric and thread choices!

Suggested fabrics for this PDF sewing pattern include: denim, twill, canvas, corduroy, velveteen, faux leather or suede. It is important to note a 1/4” button is highly suggested in order to achieve the right scale and ‘real clothes’ look. If you are having trouble finding small buttons, look also at your local craft store for beads that can look like buttons. This is a great trick when using a faux button closure! Be sure to check out our selection of Pixie Packs for denim and notions for this project!

Bonus distressing tip/techniques included!"

And....back to me....haha ;-)

Note the bolded portion above in the blurb: 
this skirt doesn't have to be made in denim.

And right now human stores are offering in them in a lot of fabrics and styles.

Also, solid colors are going to be the most useful to customers.

But if you want to do patterned fabric -- make sure it isn't a bright-colored fabric, and that the pattern design is small, so it isn't overwhelming to the eye.

Forever21 used to have this black velvet one, but it seems to have sold out:


^^^ But it is literally modeled with every other shirt they sell -- 
so this puppy was a very popular look.

Hollister offers more of an A-line version of this skirt style in suedes.....

As well as the straight-sided mini in corduroys....

And they have the traditional denim versions as well, in light and dark denim...

Note the unique stitching down the front of this version.

So when pairing these with tops you should gravitate toward crop tops, and 
tight shirts that can be tucked into the skirt. 

You can also have the top come over the waistline of the skirt, 
like the penguin sweater above.

The key to this type of styling is to not wear such a long top that you hide the skirt and it looks like you are going bottom-less. ;-) You saucy minx. ;-)

You can also combine this look with a long cardigan, 
and long-line jackets and coats.

And here are some design variations in case 
you want to spice up your creations!!!

You don't have to stick to what is in the LJ pattern!


Thanks for visiting us today friends!!!

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Brenda Leonard said...

Love the denim with zig zag stitching around the buttons. Adds a pop without being too busy.

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