Sunday, December 13, 2015

Maple Insists:
Christmas Ornaments, The Good...

Yep, it's Maple.

I'm back.

Today I wanted to continue the conversation about Christmas ornaments, as we count down to that glorious holiday full of fun and over-eating.

Previously we discussed some Christmas ornaments for sale at Sur La Table:

(and how some of the ones we ordered from them have lead in them, jfyi.)

And we talked about ornaments at Walmart:

(some of those might have lead in them too, they just don't see it as necessary to inform you, because you are just a Walmart shopper and you're not as valuable to society as a Sur La Table shopper.)

(What? This is I, Maple, remember.
I don't believe in political correctedness.
Yes, I know I said that wrong.
That's how wrong I am.
I'm so wrong, I'm right.

So anyways, I wanted to point out some other places to look for ornaments you can use for the dolls -- places like Hallmark and World Market.

Sometimes Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn have some, but in recent years they have appeared less and less.

Basically, my advice is to just keep your eyes peeled in the Christmas ornament sections of stores. You never know what you'll find, and as we get closer to Christmas many of these ornaments will go on sale.

Some of the ornaments Hallmark is offering this year might work for the dolls -- but I can't make any guarantees because I haven't seen them in person.

I will include the measurements as well, so you can judge for yourself 
(as everyone has different scale preferences).

This puppy plays 3 different holiday songs....

2.74" W x 1.93" H x 2.84" D

...when it feels like working.

A lot of the reviews seem to say that this puppy doesn't work for very long.
But eh, for the dolls - and if you get it on sale -- that doesn't matter much if you just want a cool-looking record player.

Hated the game Operation?

Us too!!!

Now you can hate it in doll-size as well!!!

2.12” W x 3.5” H x 0.78” D

And you can continue to wake up at night in cold sweats 
from nightmares of that buzzer noise.

Want a gingerbread house for your dolls without having to bake one?

2.75" W x 3.56" H x 2.81" D

Thar ya go!!!

Even includes a gingerbread man at the doorway with a bizarre frosting beard.

And one of my favorite Hallmark ornaments...

2.53" W x 3.62" H x 1.81" D

For those of us dolls who can't make it through the holidays without a good beer.

And also for those of us who love items with drinking deers on them.

"Cheers, Rudolph!"
"Cheers, Dasher, my ol' pal!"

It's pretty big, but, eh - steins come in all sizes.

The one reviewer of this said: "This is the third one bought. 
my grandson is in college so I think these are neat."

i.e. "My grandson drinks a lot, and I don't mind at all (because clearly I drink too)
so I give him these ornament steins! I think these are neat!"

The Doll Wardrobe Blog True Confessions Time:
Yes, we do own some doll-size steins.
Feel free to judge us, you judge-y people.

They sell a lot of doll-size steins in the Germany gift shops in EPCOT, down in Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida, United States of America, Earth. (jfyi)

Us dolls don't actually drink though.

We're dolls, remember?


3.12” W x 2.64” H x 0.88” D

These seem like they'd be too big?

But just in case they aren't too big, here ya go.

Crayons, y'alls, crayons.

This thing is AMAZING.

3.375" W x 5.5" H x 2.625" D

Watch the video of this thing.

Yes, it's a bit big to hang on a dollhouse wall --but I think it would look great on top of a fireplace mantle, or on a table full of holiday foods.

This thing ^^^ is awesome, and AG will never make 
something this cool in the whole history of humanity.

Just sayin'.

(Clearly I like things that light up, move, and make noise.)

Yes. It's an Easy Bake Oven.

3.125" W x 1.875" H x 1.625" D

No, I'm not sure if it is really the right scale for the dolls.
But it's hilarious and awesome.

Also, watch the video for this one.
It is also hilarious and awesome.

Over at World Market, they have these laser cut wood house ornaments.

Small house: approx. 3"W x 3.2"H; 7"L with hanger
Medium house: approx. 3.5"W x 3.5"H; 6.5"L with hanger
Tall: approx. 2.5"W x 4"H; 6.8"L with hanger

Good for setting up mini holiday villages for your dolls.

Pottery Barn has a sparkly glitter version of this type of thing...

3" long x 2" deep x 6.5" high
Made of cardboard, plastic, and sisal wood.
4" twine hanger ribbon.

World Market also has LED lanterns...

Approx. 2.5"W x 5"H each
With hanger: 8"L

These are pretty big, but they might look really cool 
in outdoor doll photo shoots in the snow.

It's always difficult to find a non-terrifying nutcracker...

Approx. 2"W x 5.5"H each
With hanger: 7"L

But we thought these looked pretty tame...


Stay tuned for "Christmas Ornaments, The Bad and The Ugly."

It could be two more parts, or just one. 

I haven't decided yet.

But there are some really, really awesome ornaments coming up in them.

Cough, cough.

Thanks for visiting us today friends!!!

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If you need some great tree toppers for your small tree, try Ten Thousand Villages. The angels are really nice - rustic, but beautiful and fair trade. I have one in red and one in blue.

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