Monday, December 14, 2015

Looking for Useful Fashion Photography?
Try ModCloth's Style Gallery!

I know that title totally looked like advertising, 
and like we didn't actually write it ourselves, haha.

But we really did!!!

So I'd love to be able to use ModCloth for more of our Trends to Sew posts, but they don't tend to picture their clothing on humans -- and for us, in our weird brain, we can't then imagine how it would look on the dolls.

I know that sounds very, very weird ^^^.

But I need to see it on a human in order to figure out 
how it would look on a doll.

Don't try to figure that one out.

Just know that's why we don't use ModCloth usually in the Trends to Sew.




ModCloth has something called the "Style Gallery" where people who buy their clothing can upload pics of themselves in that clothing.

And this is a great place to find style ideas.

(Especially if you are like us and are totally overwhelmed by trying to tackle the whole "fashionista blogger" thing and find good people to follow that aren't just modeling $3,000 shoes.)

One of our fav peeps in the ModCloth Style Gallery is "Rebecca of the Clothes Horse."

This girl's outfits are amazing, and the photography is breathtaking.

(We just stole some small thumbnails -- so go to the link to really see the pics in their glory.)

If you need outfit ideas -- go here.

If you need fashion photography ideas -- go here.

If you need sewing ideas -- go here.

Obviously this is beyond the normal "quick selfie of me in my outfit let's post it to ModCloth so everyone can see my awesomeness" -- this is professionally done.

But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the pics and steal her outfit ideas!!!

So yes, go explore the Style Gallery on ModCloth!


Off with you!!

Why are you still here???

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