Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Trends to Sew: Over-the-Knee Socks

Looking for some extra zing 
to put in your shop this season?

Something to complete those outfits and 
carry shorts, skirts and dresses into the Fall and Winter seasons?

Try over-the-knee socks!

By the time you are done looking at this post, you will either feel the need to make some socks, or you will be really, really sick of socks.

It could go either way...

Urban Outfitters gives you a lot of ideas.

This sock here comes in all the current trendy colors.

Deep burgundy

Marled medium grey

Marled light grey


Marled neutral

Marled ice blue

Marled rusty orange

So if you were wondering what 
the top colors of this season are, there ya go!

And those socks have the crocheted/lace topper and side buttons, to look great with boots, or just girly on their own, while you are lounging in bed.

Which is apparently what the UO girls do all day.

If you are having trouble getting your socks to stay up above the dolls' knees --- there is nothing wrong with lacing ribbon through the sock top (that the user can tie) or extra elastic inside the top cuff.

And just because they are socks, doesn't mean they can't be creative and stunning.

 Try mixing and matching cuffs and heels with contrasting colors.

Tiny stripes are beautiful.

Solid color, but a wider rib on the top cuff would add realism.

Two-style socks incorporate fair isle-type geo patterning.

Try tights-weight socks for a delicate look.

All-over geometric patterns are still in style and look very snuggly-warm.

Try brocade and jacquard looks for something glamorous.

These feature tiny toggles on the top.

Here we have a floral-fair isle combo.


Basically a lot of different options, fabrics, colors -- but all super cozy and super useful!!!

And like I said up top ^^^ -- these over-the-knee or knee-high socks will help people use their doll shorts, skirts, and dresses in the fall and winter.

Though fall is almost over... eeek!!!

Where does the time go???

And if you're wondering...how do I make doll socks like these? 

It's simple. 

Look for human socks (especially on deep-discount and off-season sales) and start chopping them into tiny doll-size socks! 


Thanks for visiting us today!!!

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AGUnicornGirl said...

I know most dollar stores sell socks, and they are a bit thin so they would work great for doll socks!

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