Wednesday, December 17, 2014

End of the Year Poll: New-ish Pet Accessories

2014 was the year of 600 pet accessories,
which all cost as much for these fake pets as they do for real pets....

As nicely made as these accessories are, 
they are all a bit too cutesy for our collection. 
 Though they do fill a gap in the American Girl collection, 
especially for those people who spend more money 
on the pets than on the dolls.

Some people just don't have the space or the money for 20+ dolls, 
but they can accommodate 6 pets and their stuff. ;-)

Though we purchased the "new" Coconut, 
we decided not to get him any of these accessories.
We started plotting to get him a different set of accessories 
that suit his doggie-hipster personality instead.

We still have to get those things though--
they may be challenging to acquire.

Plus we find it mentally difficult to buy 
toy collars and carriers and pet bowls and food and treats
when we actually have to spend money on these things in real life.... 
On real, living breathing animals.... 
Hmmmm, priorities, priorities...
Sigh. ;-)

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