Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Winter 2014 Trends to Sew: Part 2, Delia's Going Out of Business

In an ironic twist that pretty much sums up our life...
Delia's is now going out of business.

So right after we started a "Trends to Sew" series 
about their newest winter line....they are closing and will be no more.

Right after I said I actually liked their clothing now....sigh.

Yeah, so if you want something from Delia's -- 
now is the time to get it girls and effeminate boys.


But that won't stop us from talking about them here.


This is a great time for seamstresses to buy Delia's clothing 
at reduced pricing and then slice and dice it up for doll clothing.

You can make Delia's clothing live on in doll styles! Haha.


One of the biggest fall and winter trends of 2014 was 
plaid, plaid, and some more plaid.

Plaid shirts, button-downs, shoes, coats, jackets,
hair accessories, boot linings, pants, skirts. Everything. In. Plaid.

Have I mentioned plaid?

Dark plaids are especially good for wintertime.

Black and red is very in.

And blue watch plaids with black, yellow and green accents.

Start sewing people!

Right after you shop at Delia's.... ;-)

Plaid examples from Hollister...

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