Tuesday, December 30, 2014

More Polls for Isabelle and GOTY

We had a couple more ideas for polls for y'alls to fill out.

Can you tell we like polls???

Well, the end of the year is a good time to contemplate whether or not we liked what AG was doing for the past 12 months. ;-)

The story is that Grace will also cost $120 as her base price with paperback book.
Just like Izzy and her pink hair piece.

Supposedly Grace has earrings that are unique to her and will only fit on her.
So that is why she costs more.

But AG just wants your money, in our opinion, 
and is using the earrings as an excuse to up-price the GOTY from now on.

Also, who wants earrings that only fit on one doll?
And does that mean other AG earrings won't fit her?
This confuses me, but I am sure we will learn more about this.

Still $120 for GOTYs from now is something we should accept as the norm.

But is it worth it???

So this poll came up into our thoughts....
You can select more than one answer.

And of course, any doll discussion is 
incomplete without the "Meet Outfit" commentary. ;-)

You can select more than one answer.

Thank you for filling out our polls!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Will FDC be up soon? Also when is the next theme? Thanks again xx

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