Saturday, December 13, 2014

Trends to Sew: Bedding for American Girl Dolls Part 5, Throw Pillows

So after several days of looking at complete bedding sets,
I know you are wondering about throw pillows.

You aren't?
Gee, what's wrong with you?
Clearly you should be thinking about throw pillows.

Though some of you may agree with Steve from the BBC's show "Coupling."

(Warning this video contains the b*****d word several times.)

But we don't agree with Steve for our doll set-ups.
Throw pillows are good for chairs, couches, and beds.

But we rarely see them offered separately on Etsy.
You typically can only get pillows with a whole bedding set.

I would recommend seamstresses try to list some individual pillows - 
throw pillows or even extra bedding pillows.

Sometimes buyers just want to invest in a pillow and not a whole bedding set.
Then they end up commissioning a pillow, or not ordering anything at all.

Some of you might be thinking: 
"It is easy enough to sew your own pillows."
But alas, some of us cannot do that!

So think of those of us who don't have a sewing machine, 
don't have easy access to fabric stores 
(they are a dying species in our area 
but we are too chicken to order fabric online), 
and can't thread a needle to save our lives!

And then list some awesome throw pillows, dude.

Today's throw pillows and floor pillow examples 
have been gathered from Urban Outfitters and Pier One.

Bask in their glory!!!

We'd love to have (all of) these in doll size!

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