Saturday, December 27, 2014

Holiday Prezzies Poll!


Time for a Holiday Prezzy poll!

Prezzy = Present,
in case you didn't know. ;-)

We didn't get any specific doll stuff this holiday season,
(that we didn't buy ourselves.... haha).

We buy ourselves doll gifts all year long,
so its not like we are deprived.

And our family and friends have really given up on giving us doll stuff
(because they think we have too much of it already...not possible though.)

We did get a tiny Hallmark polar bear ornament that
could work as a stuffed toy for the dolls.

Fyi, Hallmark carries a tiny line of stuffed toys called Itty Bittys.
See Itty Bitty Eeyore below.

They are 3x4x3 inches and could work well as toys for the dolls.
They have Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, Marvel characters, 
Disney princesses and more,
as Itty Bittys.

Besides the polar bear, nobody gave us doll stuff though.
And even that person didn't realize she was giving us doll stuff.
(Innocent whistling.)

So we'll just have to buy more of it for ourselves...
(cough, cough, Grace's stuff in January, cough, cough.)

Please fill out our poll about Holiday Prezzies below!

(You can choose more than one answer.)

1 comment:

Melody Silverleaf said...

A dear friend made each of my dolls a quilt, then we got three outfits, a puppy, a tea set, and a few more doll things. I LOVED it!

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