Tuesday, December 16, 2014

End of the Year Polls Continue: 2014 Pets

2014 saw the changing of the MyAG Pets line.

Who knew that was going to happen?

Well, some people saw it coming.
AG kept changing up the animal offerings so much these
past few years it was time they did something.

Does it really pay off to release a new dog
only to retire the thing half a year later?

Make a decision and stick with it AG.

So now we have six MyAG pets to choose from.
And they have more posable bodies.
And a host of expensive accessories.
(See tomorrow's poll to voice your opinion on those.)

We were planning on buying the Corgi puppy ourselves, 
but then discovered that Coconut was actually more posable. 
So we got one of those instead.

We wanted something that could sit and stand. 
And the Corgi only half-sat, like it was in the middle of taking a poo.
Not exactly what we were going for....

But we will probably buy the Corgi later.
Maybe we will take some comic dog-going-poo pictures...
I never said we aren't classy here at The DW. ;-)

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