Thursday, December 4, 2014

New-ish MyAG Outfits Poll!

We decided to address the latest MyAG outfits in today's poll!

If we made the poll correctly, you should be able to choose more than one answer. ;-)

During one of the free shipping coupons around Halloween we ordered the Happy Holiday Dress and Accessories and the Winter White Outfit.

We loved the fact that a holiday dress was deep blue, so that made it a must-buy. The style and design is just okay, but Hey! It's deep blue!!!

The Winter White Outfit looked like it would have a lot of mix and match potential.
But when our friend saw us take it out of the box, she said and I quoteth: "I'm sorry, but that's ugly." Haha. To each their own!

While I can't say that wearing an all-white outfit is very chic, I think separating the pieces into other outfits may work. Combining white, black and grey is currently very in-style for outfits. As well as combos of navy, deep red, and white.

The furry vest may work over a slim-fit knee-length party dress.

Turn those sweater-shorts into loungewear with
a holiday-themed tee shirt or a oversize drapey top.

The top may look better with a long drapey jersey knit vest,
perhaps with a statement metallic necklace.

The leggings and boots can certainly work with many types of outfits...
but probably ones with more color...

Please vote in the poll above and let us know in the comments if you have purchased any of these outfits, if they are on your holiday wishlists, or if you are avoiding them like the plague!

Yesterday's polls are here for your voting pleasure:

Reminder: Winter FDC 2014 Entries are due Dec 15th!

1 comment:

Melody Silverleaf said...

I got this set for Christmas. :)

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