Friday, December 26, 2014

New Year's Resolutions: To Open or Not to Open Your Own Shop

At the end of the summer we asked shopkeepers 
to submit posts to us about opening their own doll-related online shop.

We got so busy that we decided to hold on 
to the posts until 2015 was looming.

Many of us use this time of the year to make decisions about the next one -- 
What do we want to accomplish???

And, of course, dolly people sometimes 
want to open a new shop in the new year.

So we are going to start uploading the shopkeepers 
posts now as part of this "resolution" idea.

Here was the original idea described below,
and if you want to participate, 
please send in your posts to!

This will be labeled as "The Pros and Cons of Opening an Online Shop Series."
Fun title, huh? Haha.

Calling all shopkeepers!

We are looking for a handful of online shopkeepers 
to write blog entries for us in a new series.

You can sell doll clothing, accessories, foods, furniture, patterns, etc. 
Whatever doll-related thing you sell!

If you want to sign up, you literally only have to write one post for us, haha.

And you just write it in an email, and we post it here.

Send them to

Very simple.

The post should contain this info:

1) Background of your shop

Why you started it, and brief overview of how you started it.

Where is shop located?
Ebay? Etsy? Separate website?
Why did you chose this location?

How many years have you run your shop?

How successful do you think it has been?

2) The Cons of Opening and Operating an Online Shop

3) The Pros of Opening and Operating an Online Shop

This series is designed to discuss opening and operating an online presence.

Many of us struggle with the idea of having our own store.

We might want to do it.
We might dream of doing it.
But yet, we don't do it.
We are even among those chickens, haha.

So we wanted to have a rational discussion of this topic.
With thoughts and opinions from people who have an online shop.

So please, send your posts to us 
and we will load them up here for discussion purposes!

Send them to

There is no such thing as a right or wrong answer to these things.
We are looking for personal reactions to these pros and cons topics.

So you don't have to be scared of other people 
not agreeing with you or thinking the same way.

Odds are, we will understand where you are coming from!

Often this topic gets discussed on boards, or chat rooms, or private threads.
We wanted a source that was a little bit more public.

So remember, anyone can read these!

But don't let that discourage you.

The fact that anyone can read these posts 
and get an idea of the experience of owning and operating 
an online presence is a good thing!

If you wish to remain anonymous but still give us your pros and cons opinions, 
you can also certainly do that!
Just email us and we can work that out. :-)

Any questions?

Please feel free to comment below with questions 
or email us at

If you want to include pictures, please send those as well.
They are welcome.

If you just want to do quick answers to our inquiry, 
you can feel free to add them below in the comment box!

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